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Turn the Page on Your Next Adventure.

Don’t believe the naysayers. Time travel is real. Especially when you journey back centuries to the Old World with Globus European tours. Down cobblestone lanes and well-worn paths, we venture way past the landmarks to immerse you in Europe’s enchanting landscapes and legends of lore. Yet in the land of fairytale settings, we go beyond storytelling to satisfy your hunger for history. We make you a central character with well-rounded experiences. Get ready to drive a golf ball at Scotland’s legendary St. Andrews, hurl a snowball in the majestic Swiss Alps, strike a billiards ball in a cozy Irish pub, or sip wine on the grounds of a Tuscan castle. Hands on and feet first is how we roll through the storied hills, quaint villages and vibrant cities of Europe. While we skip the lines at ancient castles and cathedrals to whisk you back in time, we also bypass the main thoroughfares to catapult you toward the emerging chefs, artists and artisans who will define the Europe of tomorrow. Beyond the predictable. Beyond the expected. Beyond the guidebooks. It’s the only way to travel through time.

Do as the Locals Do

When in Rome—or Dublin, Paris, or Barcelona—we arrange for you to do as the locals do, not just what the tourists do. In every itinerary, we include hands-on, authentic experiences for a true taste of a day in the life. Savor a private water taxi through the Grand Canal of Venice, bake scones in an Irish farmhouse, or chase a salty bite of caviar with an ice-cold vodka upon arrival in St. Petersburg. By striking a golf ball at St. Andrews or dancing the Sirtaki while sipping a glass of ouzo, you truly get to step in someone else’s shoes and experience the world from an insider’s perspective.

Don’t Miss the Must Sees

Why stand in line to catch a fleeting glimpse of ancient ruins and remarkable historic sites? Globus gives you VIP access with an expert Local Guide to go deeper, get closer, and soak it all in. From the Parthenon to the Vatican museums, you’ll explore Europe’s most beloved locations without getting lost in a crowd or waiting in line. Don’t just file past masterpieces like Michelangelo’s David or get only a hurried look at ancient sites that waited centuries to meet you! Experience Europe’s extraordinary sights—and historic sites—with the VIP access you deserve. 

A Friend in Every City.

Join us and a few of our friends in your next dream destination. After all, we’ve spent over 90 years making friends in virtually every city and country in the world who let us in on local secrets, like where to find the best scone, stein, or spumoni; the best people-watching table; or the best view of wide-open spaces. All Globus European trips include local experts who share the stories behind the sights and Local Favorites you won’t find in the guidebooks. Globus Tour Directors and Local Guides hail from the region through which you’re travelling. No one is more familiar, passionate, or eager to share insider knowledge than our local pros!