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C'est Magnifique

Discover L'Art de Vivre with a Globus escorted tour of France to experience the "art of living" that indulges the senses and inspires the soul. Discover the bountiful pleasures in the vineyards of Burgundy, the beautiful treasures of the castles of the Loire Valley, and the bravery unmeasured on the beaches of Normandy. See the world through rose-coloured glasses with la vie en rose in Paris' Montmartre art district, with days of wine and roses in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, and Our Lady's shrine at Lourdes. Stroll the gardens where Monet lived to paint, step into the grandeur of kings at Versailles, and savour a taste for the good life with the savoir faire of French food, wine, and the fine art of life well lived.   
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