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Local Host Picks


Located in the French Quarter of Siem Reap, Psar Chaa or “Old Market” is where locals come to shop for their everyday needs. As with many local markets, Psar Chaa is a great place to wander around and mix with the locals. It is also the best place to sample authentic Khmer food, which has much in common with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Rice is the main staple and is often served with pork or fish. Noodles are also popular, as is curry. But for the more adventurous, try the spiced frog, a very satisfying meal. You will also find plenty of shops catering to tourists with items like t-shirts, maps, books, and Buddha heads—all for much less than you would pay in a store. Be prepared to haggle!


Distinctly different from Psar Chaa or “Old Market,” the colorful Night Market was created for tourists. Here you will find stalls selling every type of souvenir you can imagine. There is also a bar and a movie mall at one end. It is located close to the main street that is lined with restaurants and bars, so it makes for a good walk after dinner.


Inspired by old Shanghai, this bar is one of Siem Reap’s newest additions. The cherry-red lantern that dangles from the doorway beckons passers-by. Inside, slip into one of the intimate leather booths for an Indochine Martini, a mixture of vodka, ginger cognac and fresh pineapple juice.


The Angkor National Museum features eight chronologically ordered galleries where many Angkor-era artifacts are on display. Several multi-media presentations give an understanding about Angkor history and culture.


Theam's House is the home of Cambodian artist and designer Lim Muy Theam. Set beside a tranquil environment, the handsome traditional wooden house with its lust tropical garden holds a unique private collection alongside products conceived and created on site. Works demonstrate traditional Khmer arts & craft with a personal touch of design and modernity.


The Khmer Ceramic & Fine Arts Centre is dedicated to the renaissance and appreciation of lost Cambodian art, pottery, ceramics & tableware. Founded in 2006 its goal is to revive the skill and knowledge needed for this technically challenging and beautiful handcrafted art form. Find contemporary tableware, vases, and more inspired by Cambodian culture and environment, that are both functional and decorative.