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Local Host Picks

Hike to Mandor Waterfall (Aguas Calientes)

On this perfect nature walk, you might encounter butterflies and birds, even orchids at the right time of year. A private nature reserve located 4km from Machu Picchu Pueblo (Aguas Calientes), where you can walk into biodiverse gardens to learn and enjoy. You’ll understand and appreciate the restoration, conservation and preservation of the habitat of hundreds of species of flora and fauna in a vulnerable state, due to many factors such as climate change and human impact.

Paso Horse Show

The Peruvian Paso horse has been bred in this region for centuries and they are known for their smooth gait even while traversing the terraced landscape of the Sacred Valley. At Wayra Ranch in the Sacred Valley, see a demonstration on these beautiful horses and traditional folkloric dances performed with the horses. You can even take a quick ride on one of the horses if you are adventurous!

Alpaca Shopping

Peru is known for its Alpaca wool so you really can’t go home without any. Many vendors in Peru will try to sell you what you believe to be 100% alpaca, but you can rest assured that the sweaters, scarves, and blankets at “Alpaca’s Best” are the real deal.

Tipon Ruins

Tipon is an important set of Inca ruins known for its excellent hydraulic engineering work and it is composed by an agricultural group of platforms with long steps and ducts elaborated in limestone. This impressive system of irrigation is still used in agriculture. Some of the fountains in Tipon have ceremonial purposes. Tipon is considered an Inca temple dedicated to the water cult. This is also a great spot to try Cuy, a traditional Incan meal of guinea pig.

Maras Salt Mines

A must see in the Sacred Valley are the salt mines. A stroll through and you’ll be amazed at how the Incas built this maze of hand-made channels that divert saltwater springs into the exposure of the sun. Once the water evaporates, the salt is collected to be sold – an ancient old tradition still in use today. Beyond the engineering, the views from the mines are breathtaking!