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Local Host Picks

Ride a Bike or Stroll along the Amador Causeway

Dazzling views of Panama City's skyline and of the Panama Canal make the Amador Causeway a scenic must. The stretch unites four small islands. It also serves a functional purpose as a breakwater to the entrance of the Canal. Swept by sea breezes, there are bike paths, restaurants, shops, a cruise port, and a yacht marina. You can glimpse the Panama Canal and ships passing under the Bridge of the Americas, once the only strip that connected North and South America.

Ancon Hill & the Metropolitan Park

There's no better way to see Panama's past, present and future than to take a hike up Ancon Hill where you'll have a bird’s-eye view of Casco Viejo, modern Panama City, and the Panama Canal. The path is lined by thriving rainforest. It’s best to explore it in the morning to avoid afternoon heat and rain showers. It takes about 2 hours to get to the top, but you can get there by taxi if you choose.

Panama Viejó

Journey to the first inhabited section of Panama City, Panama Viejó, to find the ruins of the oldest capital in the Americas. Originally the site of an indigenous village, Panama Viejó was occupied by the Spanish in 1519 and was named the first city in the Americas by the King of Spain in 1521. In 1671, the city was plundered by pirates and burned to the ground. Explore the ancient ruins and take in beautiful views of Modern Panama from here.

Jewelry & Handicrafts

Panama’s native handicrafts rival Mexico’s and most other Latin countries in beauty and creativity. Make sure to take time to shop and bring back an item or two that can’t be mistaken for anything other than authentic Panamanian art!

Baha’i Temple

If you can manage to get outside the city for an afternoon, the serenity and the incomparable views at this peaceful temple are well worth a little jaunt. From the city, it looks like an egg on top of the hill, but when you get up there, you can see the impressive views of green and the wilderness of Panama, as well as views of the city out to the coast.