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Shiten'no-j is the oldest temple in Japan. Built by Prince Shotoku-taishi, a regent and statesman known for his profound Buddhist faith when Buddhism was not yet widespread in Japan. With its middle gate, tower, main hall and lecture hall arranged from south to north in a beeline, Shiten'no-ji Temple typifies the Buddhist structures built in the Asuka Period from the late 6th - early 7th century.


Order Takoyaki, octopus dumplings, for a truly Osakan treat. These dumplings are filled with octopus, onions, and cabbage (some may include pickled ginger) that is poured onto a special iron plate with holes and baked. The result is crispy and spicy on the outside while soft inside, giving the dumplings a unique, crunchy texture and taste. Choose from a variety of toppings to compliment this popular dish.


Often described as a Japanese pizza, it's more like a savory pancake snack that tends to be pretty filling. Ingredients are simply mixed together with batter and griddled. Cabbage is the mainstay, and there’s usually pork. But in Osaka, you can also find okonomiyaki cooked with octopus, squid, shrimp, sliced chicken, just veggies, scallions, or kimchee. Feel free to mix and match for your favorite combination.