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Local Host Picks

Usaquén Flea Market

Held on Sundays in the town square of a residential neighborhood, it is known as one of the most popular flea markets in town, with lots of colonial charm. See artists and artisans with a wide variety of hand-crafted items, such as picture frames, toys, rugs, paintings, posters, and jewelry. Food and beverages are also available.

Santa Clara Religious Art Museum

One of Bogotá's most richly decorated churches is the Santa Clara, which now serves as a museum. Built between 1629 and 1674, the single-nave construction features a barrel vault coated in golden floral motif that looks down over walls entirely covered by 148 paintings and sculptures of saints.

Casa de La Moneda

This historic museum, inside the Banco de la República complex, houses the Colección Numismática in the Bogota Mint. The exhibits start with pre-Columbian pots and lead chronologically to misshapen coins with the introduction of a centralized bank in 1880, and the making of the unique tree art on the current 500 peso coin in the late 1990s. Casa de La Moneda is closed on Tuesdays.