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Local Host Picks

Mehtab Bagh

The garden complex situated on the opposite bank of the Taj Mahal is known as Mehtab Bagh or the Moonlight Garden. It was designed as an integral part of the complex in the riverfront terrace pattern seen elsewhere in Agra. Originally, the garden was planted with fragrant flowers and used in the cool of the night as a place from which to view the Taj Mahal reflected in the octagonal pool and in the river.

Mohabbat The Taj

Indian heritage comes to life at the Kalakriti International Convention Centre which is home to Mohabbat The Taj, a state-of-the-art dance and drama spectacle depicting the famous saga of a King’s love for his Queen. The show tells of the immortal love story of Shajahan and his beautiful wife Mumtaj, highlighting the lavish lifestyle of the Mughal era and the hardships faced by the artisans who, for 22 years, toiled over the creation of one of the most amazing displays of craftsmanship in the world. During the show, a 12ft x 12ft replica of the Taj Mahal, the largest of its kind is lifted onto the stage. Hi-tech lighting, dramatic Dolby surround sound and comfortable seats fitted with multilingual options round out a mesmerizing theatrical experience.

Agra at Dawn

Rent a bicycle or book a tour to see Agra in its early morning hours. Watch as the city wakes and enjoy the early morning bustle at the wholesale vegetable and flower market and shoe trading market.