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Follow your Mind's “I”

Independence by Globus tours are all about you, so you can put more “I” into how you explore and experience your next destination. With a treasure trove of possibilities that inspire you to discover the best experiences that speak to you, our global network of travel experts share the special sights, bites, and highlights to discover the perfect day with the I-Time you crave with Independence by Globus! 


    Independence by Globus is all about the “I’s” with your pick of picture-postcard perfection in some of the world’s most stunning destinations. From the forests and fjords of Norway to the deep blue waters of Greece, Globus puts the “I” in incredible. 


    Sink your teeth into each adventure with the I-Time to taste the authentic and amazing dishes in each destination. From the sweet confections of Europe to the spicy traditions of South America, Globus Independent vacations are all about that taste!


    Independence by Globus tours offer big and small ways to immerse yourself in what’s special about a destination, you’re free to explore the history, nature, architecture, art, culture, cuisine, and people, of course – just as you please.